The fusion of your know-how about active ingredients and sales opportunities and our natpad® technology creates an innovative, natural and authentic product with strong unique selling points.

Our services:

  • Contribution of the technology
  • Consultation and coordination with your product developers
  • As a cooperation development, we formulate the right balance with your active substances if required
  • Sourcing, visualising and sensing correlating active ingredient plants
  • Production of samples and prototypes
  • Network of partners for the production of different variants - from natpad® original to face masks
  • Series production in-house or know-how transfer

natpad® Example #1

3 cups of coffee on the wrist

> Performance-enhancing

> Stimulating

> Energising

Full of energy all day.

Top layer:
Coffee powder on moss
Duration of effect:
6 hours
Main active substances:
300 mg caffeine per 20 cm
at the pulse, e.g. carotid artery or
wrist inside

natpad® Example #2

Ready. Set. Go!

> Muscle activating

> WarMing

Be able to call up power immediately.

Top layer:
Saffron petals on moss
Duration of effect:
30 minutes
Main active substances:
Capsicum, field mint and
saffron on 38 cm 

on the thigh muscle or
in a painful place

natpad® Example #3

Supercharge me!

> Relaxing

> Calming

> Recovering

Chill out and sleept tight.

Top layer:
cut hemp leaves on moss
Duration of effect:
10 hours
Main active substances:
12 mg CBD per 15 cm
at the pulse, e.g. carotid artery or
wrist inside

Run wild – create your own natpad®

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